Class of 74, S. Thomas College, Mt. Lavinia

This website is place to reminisce and reestablish contact between students of S. Thomas College who either joined Form 1 in 1966 or took their O/L's in 1974. Of course there are quite a few of us who do not fall into either of the above criteria but are still the Class of 74.

Those of us who joined this batch while in the lower school will recall the teachers Mrs Wickramanayake, Mrs Samuel, Mrs Fernando (Pranandas mother) and Mrs Mendis. Memories of being either selected to either be a singer or be doomed (or was it enjoy) the PT in the blazing afternoon sun. Some of us had to endure being lifted by our belts by Mr. Leo De Silva.

There were the groups/teams within the class. Weera (Ali Kukka at that time) team, Sepalas group (SWB at that time) ,and the Tamil medium crowd. The one hour lunch breaks were spent by the Tamil medium crowd and Weera's crowd by the more organized games of cricket and football. Sepalas group was more likely to be found playing on the tree in front of the main Office, or playing hora police. Then there were the individuals who were at home in any of the groups, Senthinathan and Selwyn Nayagam come to mind.

Like many of us in that era, the out of the way Lower 4th classes were a turning point of our lives. The teachers at that time were Mrs. Welikala, Mrs Arisen Ahubudu, Mr. Edirisinghe Mr. Dirus Kumarasinghe and Mr. Copperahewa. The relative inexperience of Mrs Ahubudu might have contributed to the incident which lent lifetime nicknames to some of our classmates. Finally when we arrived at Form 5 we had to make lifetime choices in our path in education, was it going to be the sciences or the arts.

Arriving in the Lower 6th and preparing for the O/L's the well behaved prep guys joined us. Many of us were by that time taking to enjoy the Royal Thomian to its full extent. Many of the fresh Prep guys were also initiated into these excesses.

After sitting for our O/L's the more studious within our class left fo Royal college. Some of the less studious left for Pembroke and Aquinas. Those remaining were involved in the preperation for life, either been involved in studies, the politics of schoo leadership and excelling in sports. Many also took spent their time preparing for the excesses of life and some of us were unable to drop those habits in our lifetime.




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