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About Lakshan:

Lakka lived down Moors Road in Wellawatta close to the sea. I recall us going for numerous sea baths from his place but he never ever joined us in the sea.
Food was always available at Lakshan 's place virtually any time of day. This was very good news to hungry chaps like us. If we were lucky his sister Yasmin had made milk toffees that went down faster than they cooled after preparation.

Lakka's favourite path was by the railway tracks. I used to say that was why he had steps the span of two sleepers. Some used to think it was his sexy walk.

James Hadley Chase, Alistair Mc Lean and similar authors were introduced to me by Lakshan . His wardrobe was also the lending cupboard those days when we wanted something flashy for a party.

Many people might think he had everything one could ask for and why is he still not around. Others might say having everything was his downfall because he started using alcohol before he knew how to judge his limits.

I do know that he was blessed with a wife who was very kind and good to him. She looked after him well till the end of his days - even though at an early age.

Dushyantha Peter. Fri, Jun 20, 2008

Wadu, Lakshan and Barr. Nawala cemetery around mid 1977

LtoR: Mahinda, Lakshan, Barr, Kapuduwa, Mervyn (1979)




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